Those Oscar consolation bling baggie-thingys

While I won’t be watching the Oscar shit-show tonight, and I haven’t since my kid-at-home days on our B&W Sylvania with the rabbit ears, I’m not entirely immune to Hollywood gossip, taken sparingly. Very sparingly.

For instance, my curiosity was piqued today by this little bloggie-pooh thingy outlining the mysterious contents inside those intriguing gift bags. One thing we can all be certain of: these ‘gift bags’ are nothing resembling what your kid drags home from the neighbor kid’s birthday party; or even a fancy ladies luncheon or convention giveaway. No, as the article makes clear, the retail value of these things comes in somewhere north – way, way north – of the annual corporate salary of a mid-level manager or administrator. Listen to someone “in the know.”


For starters 27 people in total are gonna get a gift bag this year. They’ll walk home with gifts bags that includes everything from cosmetic surgery to a plot of land in australia. #oscars2023 #swagbag #oscarsredcarpet #academyawards #celebrityskincare #brendanfraser #howmuch #hollywoodlife

♬ Lo-fi hip hop – NAO-K

I dug in and discovered the – I admit – somewhat envy-inducing offerings; to wit: exclusive Caribbean vacations, value $40K and up; plastic surgery, gratis (yes!); designer-level cosmetics and skin care items, and oh, I don’t know, probably cashmere track suits or what-have-you. Let your imagination wander – it costs you nothing, unlike the Caribbean villa rental. But even if you’re a movie star – a loser with a consolation doggy, I mean, goody bag – free is better. In fact, I’ll take the vacation and the lipo over the gold statuette.

But don’t take it from me. Read for yourself.

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